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Angel Food has grown from a cosy kitchen start up in 2006 founded by vegan activist and foodie, Alice Shopland. We are guided by our guardian angels, a fabulous network of seasoned vegans and smart business peeps. Today Alice, together with her husband Colin Woods, leads a creative, passionate and determined team who want more plant-based foods available for you everywhere in New Zealand!

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Leading The Way In Aotearoa New Zealand

In 2014 we launched the first locally-made vegan cheese, and the following year we were one of the first Kiwi companies to sell shares via crowdfunding. Our goal has always been to make vegan food mainstream: Angel Food dairy-free cheese alternatives are now available at hundreds of stores around NZ, and in numerous eateries (including Hell Pizza, Dominos & Lord of the Fries!). We reckon we’ve played a part in raising the profile of a vegan diet as a delicious, compassionate and healthy option that doesn’t mean forsaking old favourites like pizza and lasagne.

In this episode we talk about a topic close to everyone’s hearts….cheese!  Alice from Angel Food in New Zealand shares with us the secrets to fulfil all your cheesy dreams.

In this episode we talk about a topic close to everyone’s hearts….cheese!
Alice from Angel Food in New Zealand shares with us the secrets to fulfil all your cheesy dreams.

Our Team


Alice Shopland - Founder at large

I’ve been vegan since 2004 – that opened my eyes to how animals are treated as commodities, and I felt a responsibility to do something about it!

I founded Angel Food in 2006, with the aim of helping to mainstream veganism (this was a bold call at the time, when vegan was usually pronounced ‘vay-gun’ and it was assumed that it was a phase you should grow out of).

Having a vegan business means that I get to put my beliefs into action every day, and I get to work with a wonderful team of likeminded people.

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Colin Woods - Director

I’ve always had a keen interest in social justice and the environment, and I’ve been vegetarian and then vegan for a very long time, so being part of Angel Food makes total sense to me.

As a director of Angel Food I work with Alice to conjure up ambitious future plans and ensure that our actions match our values.

I’m excited about the positive change that we can bring about, by consistently doing the right thing. I'm proud that Angel Food leads by example and is a Living Wage employer.


Leonard Mead - General Manager

I joined the Angel Food team in April 2019, bringing my experience in FMCG, foodservice and hospitality, both in retail roles and through food business management. I have an MBA in business management and have started and run his own business as well as working in SMEs and senior corporate roles.

I’m really happy to now bring that knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to Angel Food!

I see people, processes and planning as key to the success of the business, and I am passionate about this happening hand in hand with the high ethics and passion for veganism and its growth that is at the core of Angel Food.

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Immi Paterson - Supply Chain Manager

I’m the Operations Manager at Angel Food. In a nutshell, this means I organise the manufacture of our stock and make sure it gets to all the right places! I’ve been working at Angel Food since 2015 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s amazing working for a vegan company that has strong ethical values in terms of employee happiness as well as its impact on the world.

Angel Food is the pioneer of New Zealand dairy-free and vegan cheese, and I look forward to bringing our customers more delicious, ethical foods in the future!

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Pia Alderson - Account Manager

I look after all of our fantastic customers, and I get to travel up and down Aotearoa to do this! You’ll see me at most Angel Food events, handing out delicious treats, chatting about veganism, the environment and of course great vegan cooking tips.  

I think it’s important to offer tukino-free kai, and a delicious option to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s really amazing to work for such a wonderful Kiwi-run, living wage organisation, that holds the same core values as me. 

The future of cruelty-free food is exciting; vegan food has become a phenomenon, and it’s great to see Angel Food leading the charge for dairy-free cheese in NZ.

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Kelsi Heath - NPD manager

My name is Kelsi and I'm the New Product Development Manager at Angel Food. I'm responsible for managing product development from concept through to launch.

I love working for Angel Food because I want everyone to lead a more ethical lifestyle. I hope we can encourage more people to eat vegan by creating delicious dairy alternatives that look and taste just like the real thing, without the ethical and environmental cost. 

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Ara Marinkovich - Marketing Manager

I’m the Angel Food Marketing Manager. I run our social media pages, create tasty new cheesy vegan recipes, manage our website, and help our product development team decide what to make next!

For me, this is my dream job. I get to share delicious vegan products with people and promote an ethical company that shares my values of making the world a more compassionate place. I get to work with a talented and passionate bunch of people, plus I can eat vegan cheese every day… and I get to bring my dog to work. Yes that’s right, dream job!

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morgan Hassan - Food Technologist

I love working for Angel Food because… cheese! I mean seriously, who doesn’t love cheese? One of the most common things I hear when I tell people I am vegan is “how can you give up cheese?

With Angel Food dairy-free products you can get that delicious cheese fix without the guilt, it’s win-win. As a food technologist, I get the fun job of eating cheese all day - for scientific purposes - to bring you only the best!

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Abby McMichael - Office & Sales Administrator

A large part of my role at Angel Food is making sure all our orders are processed efficiently. I make sure our delicious dairy-free cheese gets to to where it needs to be, whether that’s in your next meal at your favourite cafe, or on the shelf at your local supermarket. 

I love seeing the growth in demand for our products as people become more conscious of the environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet, and importantly the impact that food choices can have on improving the wellbeing of the animals we share this planet with. Working on a wide range of assignments means I get to experience so many different aspects of Angel Food, not only as a delicious food brand but also as a fast growing New Zealand business with an enthusiastic and hard working team that are there for all the right reasons.


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