Jalapeño Bites

Because cheese and jalapeños are always a good idea.

Because cheese and jalapeños are always a good idea.


  1. Mix together the flour, Angel Food Parmesan and baking powder. Then mix the Angel Food Cheddar, jalapeños and diced capsicum through the dry mixture.

  2. Add water and cornflour eggs and mix until ball of dough has formed.

  3. Rip the dough and roll into small balls.

  4. Roll the dough balls in flour.

  5. Heat sunflower oil (or similar) to 170°C in a saucepan. Deep fry the pizza balls for 7-10 minutes, until golden.

  6. Deep fry in sunflower oil or similar for 7-10 minutes.

  7. Leave to dry on paper towels for a few minutes.

  8. Sprinkle with chilli powder and serve hot with chilli chutney, vegan mayo, and spring onion.


  • 3 cups grated Angel Food Dairy-Free Cheddar

  • 2 tbsp Angel Food Dairy-Free Parmesan

  • 4-5 tbsp flour + extra flour to roll the dough balls in

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 2 cornflour “eggs” (2 tbsp corn flour eggs whisked with 6 tbsp warm water)

  • 3 tbsp sliced jalapeños (fresh or from a jar)

  • Optional: 1 tbsp diced capsicum

  • Vegan mayo for dipping

  • Chilli chutney for dipping

  • A sprinkle of chilli powder

  • Spring onion, chopped