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a cosy kitchen bursting with love

Angel Food has grown from a cosy kitchen start up in 2006 founded by vegan activist and foodie, Alice Shopland. We are guided by our guardian angels, a fabulous network of seasoned vegans and smart business peeps. Today Alice, together with her husband Colin Woods, leads a creative, passionate and determined team who want more plant-based foods available for you everywhere in New Zealand!

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Leading The Way In Aotearoa New Zealand

In 2014 we launched the first locally-made vegan cheese, and the following year we were one of the first Kiwi companies to sell shares via crowdfunding. Our goal has always been to make vegan food mainstream: Angel Food dairy-free cheese alternatives are now available at hundreds of stores around NZ, and in numerous eateries (including Hell Pizza and Dominos!). We reckon we’ve played a part in raising the profile of a vegan diet as a delicious, compassionate and healthy option that doesn’t mean forsaking old favourites like pizza and lasagne.

Our Team


Alice Shopland - CEO & Founder

Alice is our founder and CEO, she is passionate about the fair treatment of all living things especially our lovely innocent animal friends. Her dedication to veganism is the driving force behind Angel Food's values. She is the guardian angel of the team and responsible for its overall direction. 

"Ever since I realised how animals are treated as commodities, I felt a responsibility to do something about that. Angel Food is what I'm doing about it." 


Colin Woods - Director

Colin is Alice's personal guardian angel and husband, he is one of Angel Food's directors. He is passionate about Angel Food being a force for positive social change, in terms of what we eat but also in how we engage with other people to run a business ethically. He helps Alice keep an eye on the big picture and takes care of the team.

"I'm proud that Angel Food leads by example and is a Living Wage employer."


Immi Paterson - Operations Manager

Immi is our operational angel, she organises everything from manufacture of the product, to it arriving in the store ready to buy. Without her, there'd be no physical cheese to eat! She is passionate about encouraging change through positive means.

"Working for Angel Food fits with my vegan ethics, since no animals are harmed in the creation of our food. It also has a great team of people, who I feel happy to be around each day."


Pia Alderson - Events Manager & Sales Representative

Pia helps find new stockists and events who align with our brand. She is lactose intolerant and is passionate about helping allergy sufferers by making exciting new vegan recipes.

"I believe in what Angel Food are doing. The biggest impact for me are that kids are growing up with dairy-free alternatives as normal. Ingredients like split peas is really important for reducing environmental impact, give peas a chance!"


Ara Marinkovich - Marketing Manager

Ara is our social media angel, she answers all your questions and keeps you inspired with delicious ideas on how to use your Angel Food. She also loves taking care of her highly energetic foster pup, Jaz.

"I love working with Angel Food because they share my core values and passion of being vegan and making the world a better place for all living things."


Kelsi Heath - New Product Development manager

Kelsi is our angelic food technologist, she loves coming up with fresh ideas and vegan alternatives to the foods we all love.

"I choose to work with Angel Food because of their strong ethics around veganism and how they treat the team. I love all living things and I love that we are environmentally friendly throughout all our processes across the business."


Celia Langabeer - Office Administrator

Celia is our office angel, supporting the team to make sure that everything runs smoothly and your delicious Angel Food products arrive safely on the wings of our distribution angels. 

"I am passionate about people having access to the right information to make decisions about how they live their life, what they eat and how they interact with each other. Angel Food are leading the way in helping people change the way they think about food and where it comes from."


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