Why the ‘Just Mayo’ case matters


The FDA announced this week that this high-profile vegan product can’t be called mayonnaise, or even mayo, because it doesn’t contain egg (see article here).

This decision creates a barrier to positive change which is so urgently needed.

I haven’t had the chance to try ‘Just Mayo’, but by all accounts it’s delicious, affordable and widely available in the US.

What’s the big deal? Why not just rename the product to get around FDA guidelines?

Well, Hampton Creek Foods aren’t trying to trick people into thinking that the product contains egg.

On the contrary, they make a big deal out of the fact that it’s made with plant-based ingredients.

And having familiar foods made with better ingredients is a great way to help people make good changes without missing a beat. It’s the approach we at Angel Food are following, and that’s why this case is dear to my heart.

A change in the way we eat is long overdue. Animal agriculture uses unnecessary amounts of land, water and energy, and causes too much pollution.

The FDA is purportedly there to protect consumers – but this decision is clearly about protecting an old-fashioned industry.

If we can make delicious mayo without animal products, why on earth wouldn’t we?

(And yes, we are working on our own Angel Food mayo recipe!)

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