Phew, big changes!

This week we announced that we were no longer importing Cheezly dairy-free cheeses from the UK or Wheaty meat-free salamis from Germany.

I have to admit I was rather nervous about what the reaction would be – people love these products and have come to rely on them being available.

But importing niche products to a small distant market is a tricky proposition. A painfully slim profit margin on the Cheezly meant that as soon as there were any problems – like the unattractive air bubbles in recent batches – we were losing money on each unit sold.

And when the freight costs on the salamis suddenly tripled (Yes! Tripled!), there was no way we could continue with those products either. (The good news is you can still get your Cheezly and Wheaty fixes from The Cruelty-Free Shop.)

Hey, we’d been working our way away from imported products to our own recipes locally manufactured anyway… it’s just happened a lot more suddenly than anticipated. We’ve had lots of supportive messages and a few people have let us know that they are unimpressed. That’s okay.

The exciting thing is that in this new phase of Angel Food-ness, we are freed up to really get our own products out into the big wide world. Just yesterday we picked up our second batch of Bellissimo from the contract manufacturers – most of which will be going to our Australian distributor next week.

We also have three exciting new products in the final development stages… two of which will be great on your pizza and one of which will be a world first.

It’s not easy getting a small business off the ground, but it is a lot of fun! Heartfelt thanks to all our customers for your support so far, and I hope we’ll have your support in the future.



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