Help us bring even more vegan cheesy joy to NZ!

When Angel Food got started 10 years ago, ‘vegan’ was a bit of a dirty word in New Zealand.

But times have changed.

And with our dairy-free cheese alternatives now available at hundreds of stores around NZ, and in numerous eateries (including all 69 Hell pizza stores!), we reckon we’ve played a part in raising the profile of a vegan diet as a viable option that doesn’t mean forsaking old favourites like pizza and lasagne.

But there’s no time for resting on our cheesey laurels!

What we really need to do ASAP is consolidate that success by launching more cheesey goodness.

Feta to go on your salad would be nice, right? And cheddar for sandwiches and on crackers? Maybe even some cream cheese and cheddar spread to go on bagels and crusty baguettes?

These things are entirely possible! In fact, we’re pretty far along the development process already… and with the help of our crowd, we will be able to launch these four products by May 2017 at the latest.

Each new product requires investment that is pretty significant for a pretty small business:

  • Research and development $2000
  • Ingredients and packaging $5000
  • Manufacturing $2000
  • Marketing $3000

Because of the work we’ve already got under our belts, and because there will be shared resources between some of the products, we can launch four products for the price of three.

Please note that the four products will not be ready at exactly the same time – which is why we don’t have an option to have them all them in a single reward. We’ll ship the products as they become available.

We are very confident that we can fulfil this promise. But if we hit an unforseen hurdle and can’t launch the product you have pledged on, we will contact you to figure out which product you’d enjoy instead. This scenario is very unlikely to happen!

Each reward includes courier delivery – but if you’d like to pick up from our central Auckland office, and save us the cost of the courier, we’ll add in an extra Angel Food product to your reward.

Find our campaign here:

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