Better recycling options now available!


At Angel Food, we are aware that one of our customers’ key concerns is the impact that everyday choices have on the health of the planet. We know that plant based foods take less energy to produce, use less water and have a lower environmental footprint generally than foods derived from animal agriculture. We think about this too when it comes to packaging design. We try to make sure that as much as possible of our packaging can be recycled.

Like you, we’ve been frustrated that although all the plastic components in our packaging are recyclable, the infrastructure to make this happen for some of it has not been available in New Zealand – until now.

We’re very happy to report that a scheme has now been set up to allow Kiwi consumers to recycle soft plastics – and that includes the inner plastic bags from our cheesey sauce mixes and the vacuum bag from our mozzarella alternative.

You can find details here:

According to the website:

 The soft plastics recycling programme will initially trial in Auckland at New World, PAK’nSAVE and The Warehouse stores and at Countdown stores on Auckland’s North Shore before rolling out to Hamilton in early 2016 with further expansion to Wellington, Canterbury, Otago, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and other regions over three years.”

Soft plastics include shopping bags, bread bags and similar items (there’s a complete list on the website above) but please remember that it’s very important that these are NOT put with your other general recycling as it can damage the machinery at the recycling plant.

recycling soft plastics table.JPG

Currently the soft plastics are shipped to Melbourne for processing but the scheme partners are working with a local plastic company to have them processed in NZ in the future.

Please see your local council website for your general recycling options and area-specific requirements.

Happy recycling!